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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Merchant Control Center

Dashboard - Current and pending balance; a quick overview of Inventory, Sales, and Shipments

Inventory - Change prices and update hold quantity

Sales - View your sales summary

Shipments - Create new shipments and view status of shipments

Fee History - View all past fees that have been charged to your account.

Payments - Request a payment or view payment history

Other services we offer


All items currently available for sale in your account will also be listed for sale in our eBay store as long as they meet our requirements. Please note that only items priced at $3.00 or higher can be listed in our eBay store. Additionally, no sealed MTG or Yugioh can be listed. Other restrictions may apply. Please email us at if you are interested for more information.


This feature allows you to sell items from your merchant inventory to our Buylist. To get started, navigate to your Inventory Manager page and click "Buylist Mode". From there simply add the items you wish to sell to your cart (please note that you will need to remove your items from hold before you can add them to your cart). Then click "Complete Order". The items will automatically be transferred out of your inventory and your balance will be credited for the order total.

Pricing and Fees

Fee Type Fee Amount
Monthly Access $19.99
Raw Fulfillment Fee $0.10 per unit
A-List Raw Fulfillment Fee ¹ $0.06 per unit
Storage Fee $0.0033 (1/3 of a cent) each for small items, $0.10 for larger items ²
Add New Item Fee $1.00 per card, $5.00 per non-card
Return Items Fee $0.06 per unit plus shipping cost
Account Closeout $0.06 per unit plus shipping cost
1) A-List refers to new releases or any other "bust" where the product is broken down into singles from packs/boxes. This special rate only applies when all the product being processed is from the same set.
2) Large items include board games, books, video games, larger miniatures and any other items larger than a box of sleeves.
Item Type Retail Price Range Base Fee Sales Fee Rate
Cards & Minis Singles $0.20 - $1.09 $0.00 50%
Cards & Minis Singles $1.10 - $69.94 $0.30 15%
Cards & Minis Singles $69.95 - $499.99 $0.30 10%
Cards & Minis Singles $500.00+ $45.00 3%
Large Minis, Sealed Boxes, Other Large Items ¹ $1.10 - $69.94 $0.50 15%
Large Minis, Sealed Boxes, Other Large Items ¹ $69.95 - $499.99 $0.50 10%
Large Minis, Sealed Boxes, Other Large Items ¹ $500.00+ $45.00 3%
Oversize Item Handling Fee ² Any N/A +3%
1) Other large items include board games, books, video games, and any other items larger than a booster pack.
2) Any item with a weight over 8lbs is considered an oversize item and will be charged an additional 3% sales fee.

Restricted Items

The only items we currently do not allow our merchants to sell are in-print sealed Magic: the Gathering products (we define "in-print" as the last two major set releases and any release that falls in between), any barcoded item with a currently enforced MAP (for example Mayfair Game products), any tournament exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! items and unlicensed products. At this time, we are currently not accepting any miniatures or sports cards. Additionally, we cannot accept any code cards through the EVO program.

All non-English inventory currently in stock at Troll and Toad will be kept in place and allowed to sell through, but we have deactivated all non-English singles for current and future submissions. The new parameters for foreign items are:

  • $40.00 or higher for Pokemon
  • $100.00 or higher for Yu-Gi-Oh! and MTG

Items that fit the new parameters will only be available to list through raw fulfillment/license-plated item creation. Non-English listings for all other product lines will not be available. Please note this does not apply to Legends ( Italian) and The Dark (Italian) categories. Please reach out to us if you have any questions in regard to these changes

How to Make a Shipment

To get started on your shipment, first, navigate to your Merchant Control Center. You can find the link to your merchant control center by clicking the My Account button. You can also go to From there click on the hamburger menu in the top right corner, then click on the "View Shipment Manager" link and follow the instructions on the top of the page to create a New Cart. Once a New Cart is created, simply click the "Work on this Shipment" button to go to the Create Shipment page.

From the Create Shipment page, you can search for items to add to your shipment individually or by browsing the categories in the category menu. When you find the item you want to ship, just enter the quantity you will be sending in. You can also enter the retail price you'd like to set and the cost of goods if you'd like. If you are sending in a Raw Fulfillment or New Item order you will still need to make a shipment. For Raw Fulfillment shipments add the following placeholder item to the shipment: EVO Raw Fulfillment - $0.06/unit Fee and enter in the number of items on the shipment (a rough estimate is fine) for the quantity. For New Item shipments add the EVO Make New Listing's placeholder item and for the quantity enter in the number of items on the shipment (again, an estimate is fine). Please note, the cost of goods cannot be changed without submitting a new shipment, or by uploading a CSV on your inventory manager page.

Once you've completed the shipment, you'll be given a shipment number and a copy of the invoice will be sent to your email. You will need to put the items in the same order as shown on the invoice. PLEASE NOTE Shipments not in the correct order will be charged a sorting fee or even processed as raw fulfillment. Shipments should be addressed to EVO and must include the shipment number on the shipping label. Please mail shipments to the following address:

EVO Department
(Shipment #)
250 American Greeting Card Rd
Corbin, KY 40701

How to Make a Shipment Using a Spreadsheet

Please follow the instructions above for how to navigate to the Create Shipment page. On the right-hand side of the page you will see the "Upload Inventory by Spreadsheet" feature. Simply select the category for the items you wish to include on your shipment and the click "Download Product List CSV File". Open the spreadsheet in a spreadsheet program such as Excel or LibreOffice Calc. You can search for items to add to your shipment by using the search function (Ctrl+F) or by sorting the spreadsheet by set or name (Please be sure if you sort the spreadsheet that you select the entire spreadsheet (Ctrl+A) before you use the sort function rather than sorting by individual columns.) Please note that you can not change the column headers or the order of the columns nor can you delete the Product ID or the Quantity columns. Doing so will cause the spreadsheet to not upload or to upload incorrectly. When you find the item you want to ship, just enter the quantity you will be sending in. You can also enter the retail price and the cost of goods for the items in the appropriate columns.

Once you have finished filling out the spreadsheet you will need to save it as a .CSV file. To upload, navigate back to the Create Shipment page and click "Choose File". Select the spreadsheet you just saved and then click "Open". Once the file name shows beside the "Choose File" button you can click open "Upload File". Once the spreadsheet has completed uploading you can check out as normal. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact us.

Shipment Status Meanings

In Transit: Your shipment has not yet arrived at our facility or has not been checked in yet.

Arrived at Facility: We have verified that your shipment has arrived at our facility.

In Queue Raw Fulfillment: Your shipment has arrived and is in queue to be processed.

In Queue Add Items: Your shipment has arrived and is in queue to be processed.

Verifying: We are currently evaluating your shipment to verify its contents.

Adding Items: Your shipment is currently being processed.

Raw Fulfillment: Your shipment is currently being processed.

Warehousing: Your shipment has completed verification and is now pending in our Warehouse.

Complete: Your shipment has completed processing and your items are currently on hold and awaiting pricing in your Inventory Manager.

How to Remove Your Items From Hold

Once your shipment has been processed your items will show up in your inventory manager as "On Hold". To remove items from hold you will need to enter in your sale price and then change the "On Hold" quantity to zero and then hit "Save All" to list all of the items for sale. If you would like to keep some of the items on hold just enter in the number you would like to remain on hold. For example if you had 9 items on hold and wished to list 5 of them for sale you would change the "On Hold" quantity to 4.

You can also update your hold quantities, change your prices, and edit your COG via spreadsheet. Please see the above instructions for creating a shipment via spreadsheet. The only difference will be that the spreadsheet will be downloaded and uploaded from your Inventory Manager and you will be editing the "On Hold", "My Price", and "My Cost" columns depending on what you want to update.

How to Have Your Inventory Returned to You

You may order out any item from your inventory that you wish to have returned to you. You will be charged $0.06 per line plus shipping cost (shipping cost will be displayed in checkout, and you will be given the option to choose which shipping method you want to use) for any return order. Please note that if your account currently has a negative balance you will not be able to place a return order until the owed balance is paid.

To place a return order, navigate to the Inventory Manager under the Merchant Control Center. Check the box beside the items that you would like to return. Once you have all the items selected click the drop-down box where it says "Action on selected" and choose "Return selected". Enter in the address you would like the order to be shipped to and then click "Next". Then you will be shown a list of the items that will be returned if no changes need to be made click "Next" otherwise use the back button to edit the items on your order. On the next page you will need to select the shipping method you would like to use for your return order (this amount will be automatically deducted from your merchant balance). Finally you just need to confirm all your information is correct and then click "Place order". Depending on the size, return orders are generally shipped in 2-3 business days.

How to Transfer Items to Your Merchant Inventory

Simply place an order with the items you would like to have transferred to your account using "pick up" as the shipping method (You can request to have this shipping method added to your account by emailing and submit payment for the order (if you would like to use your merchant account balance to pay for the order then please choose "Cash in US Dollars" as your payment method when checking out). Contact with the order number (and a request to have your balance used as payment if you wish) and we will transfer the items to your account for you.

Payment Information

The Automatic system closes on Mondays around 7AM and payments are issued the same day. Manual payment requests will be issued within 7 days of the request. Both automatic and manual payouts can only happen when the current balance is $250 or more. Payments can currently be made via Check. We can also issue payment via PayPal upon request, we cannot however issue PayPal payments through our automated system.

Check: Checks are shipped via USPS Letter Mail and generally arrive within 1 to 2 weeks of being shipped. Checks shipped to International customers are sent via USPS First Class Mail International and may take up to 45 days for delivery. If your check has not arrived within 30 days, and you are within the United States, contact us, and we will reissue the check. If you request a replacement check in less than 30 days, we will charge a $40 stop-payment fee before we reissue.

PayPal: PayPal payments require that you make a manual payment request, you will be asked to provide your PayPal email address. Please note that our payment system does not recognize links. Payment will be subject to applicable PayPal fees (currently set by PayPal at 2.9% plus $0.30 USD of the amount you receive.)

Website Credit: You can request to have a portion or all of your merchant balance paid to you via website credit. Website credit payouts receive an additional 3% bonus. The credit will be applied to the account associated with the email address you used when signing up for your merchant account. Once applied, credit may be used at any time.

How to Update Your Store Logo

Please email your logo to with your company name, and we will upload your logo for you (logos must be sized 120px x 30px and can not include copyrighted or trademarked images).

Sales Information

On some occasions we will run sales promotions that may offer a certain percentage off select items. We may include your items to be sold in the sale to promote items you also have in stock, but any merchant items sold at a discount in the sale will not affect your payout. For larger sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday you will be given the option to choose regardless of whether you want to participate in the sale.

Our Contact Info

M-F 9am-5pm EST
Call: 1-859-280-3235